Mark Bernet

MOBE (Updated 08/16/2018)

Mark J. Bernet, Receiver

  • MOBE Ltd. (Malaysia)
  • MobeProcessing.com, Inc. (US)
  • MobeTraining.com, Inc. (US)
  • Transaction Management USA, Inc. (US)
  • MOBE Pro Ltd. (UK)
  • MOBE Online Ltd. (Mauritius)
  • 9336-0311 Quebec, Inc. (Canada)
  • Matt LloydPublishing.com, Pvt (Australia)
  • MOBE Inc. (Panama)

Tampa, Florida
August 16, 2018

Earlier today I filed the Receiver's Initial Report, which is posted on this website and can be viewed by clicking HERE. I encourage everyone to read the initial report. Some highlights:

  • I have concluded that MOBE cannot be operated legally and properly. For that reason, MOBE has been completely shut down.
  • I have recovered over $8 million to date, and expect to have another $6.3 million later on August 16, 2018. The $6.3 million is coming from a credit card processing company and its acquiring bank, after I obtained an order from Judge Dalton commanding them to turn the money over to me. That order is posted on this website, and can be viewed HERE. The card processor and bank intend to appeal Judge Dalton's order. The FTC and I both will defend the order on appeal.
  • I have several other potential sources of recovery that I am pursuing. This may include lawsuits against third parties.
  • The Court has not yet established a claims process.
  • Please continue to monitor this websites for updates.